The World's First On Chain Market For Web3 Community & Business

Daren uses the smart contract technology of the blockchain to implement a decentralized ordering process and provide a minimalist trading experience.

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More Display Opportunities

Daren will give each user the opportunity to fully display the product, and approved products will be recommended to target customers as soon as possible

Asset Security

Daren uses a decentralized trading system whereby the entire transaction process can be queried on the blockchain, and the assets are only controllable by the user

AI Matching

Daren uses big data artificial intelligence technology to help ensure efficient connections between the demand side and the service side through an intelligent recommendation system

Encrypted Storage of Information

All user information in Daren is encrypted and stored using the latest encryption algorithms to ensure the safety of personal information and assets

Reliable Cooperation

The original decentralized order of Daren uses the smart contract technology of the blockchain. When the work is completed and you are satisfied, the seller will be paid

Multilingual Support

Daren currently supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Korean, and will gradually support more languages in the later stage, laying a language foundation for building a world-class decentralized online market


The platform currently has 8 major service sections, covering nearly 800 sub-service sections. Each expert can find his own field of expertise and operate a studio on the platform, and the demander can also find multiple field experts on one platform at the same time


Opening a studio on an e-commerce platform is complicated and often involves complicated certification processes and high deposit costs. Daren knows that a good startup platform needs to attract outstanding talent from all different fields. You can open a personal studio for free on Daren and quickly start your metaverse startup journey


In terms of transactions, Daren uses smart contracts to build a decentralized order system. The money paid by the buyer will be directly entered into the order contract. After the buyer confirms the receipt of the goods, the seller can withdraw money from the order contract. The entire transaction The process can be checked on the blockchain. The decentralized order system provides a safe and transparent payment environment for transactions


Daren will convert part of the transaction fee into platform currency DT and return it to both buyers and sellers equally. The transaction fee generated by each user is an investment in Daren. DT can be traded in in each public chain's exchange


Users can create or import their own wallet for payment in Daren, but they need to keep their wallet mnemonic phrase on hand to prevent various losses caused by force majeure. We promise to do everything possible to ensure the safety of your transactions on the platform


Unlike most NFTs that focus on artwork and games, Daren will sell NFTs with platform management rights. These NTFs not only have collectible value, but also platform governance capabilities and platform currency benefits. Users with Judge NFTs can vote on disputed orders and share 5% of the dispute resolution fee

Daren's advantages as an overseas e-commerce platform

(compared to the top five overseas e-commerce platforms in the world)

No store deposit
No store rent
No right to freeze assets
No advertising fee
Low handling fee
Real-time global payments

Daren's advantages as a freelance platform

(compare the top five freelance platforms in the world)

Rich service categories
No threshold
Suitable for novices
No store deposit
Low handling fee
Real-time global payments

Daren's advantages as an NFT platform

(compared to world-renowned NFT trading platforms)

NFT typeChargesRoyaltyGas fee
OpenSeaComprehensive2.5%Creator decides (default 10%)
Nifty GatewayLimited edition5%Creator decides
SuperRareArt work15%3%
FoundationAutomatic time-limited auction15%10%
MakersPlaceLimited edition artwork15%10%
Async ArtArt Music & Blue Paper 10%10%
ZoraDigital art0%Creator decides
RaribleComprehensive2.5%Creator decides