DT Usage Scenarios

Long-term repurchase

Daren will use each quarter’s commission profit for DT repurchase and deposit the DT repurchased during the quarter into the treasury at the end of each natural quarter, allowing Daren DAO members to decide the distribution of the treasury.

Trading currency of NFT market

Users can trade NFT via DT when using Daren’s NFT marketplace and enjoy the best fee discounts. As time goes on and more DTs enter circulation, Daren will also continue to introduce more services that can be purchased exclusively with DTs.

Daren NFT upgrade material

Daren Monster can use DT to accelerate the upgrade of NFT, speeding up the process for users holding Monster to become partners and receive a share of the platform.

Daren Platform Governance Voting Fee

DT holders have the right to propose and vote on the management decisions of the Daren platform. They can vote on the core parameters of the system, major business decisions and changes to the management board, such as the use of the treasury, the development plan of the platform, etc.

Store complaints, order complaints

DT holders can use DT to initiate appeals against stores or completed orders, and Daren Judge is encouraged to participate in voting decisions.

Gift for applying for cooperation

When applying for cooperation, you can independently choose to send a certain amount of DT to the intended partner as a door knocker to express goodwill and sincerity.

Social bonus

Send DT red packets to your favorite friends to maintain the “emotional account” between each other and make life more joyful and ritualistic.

Special Activity Benefits

DT holders can enjoy special rights and benefits of the platform’s marketing activities, such as participation in airdrops and investment opportunities of high-quality projects.

Gas fee of Daren main chain in the future

In the future, DT will also become the transaction fee on the Daren public chain. DT will be consumed when using the Daren decentralized trading platform and other products built on the Daren public chain.