Daren is the world’s first on-chain marketplace connecting Web3 communities and businesses, dedicated to providing a full set of business solutions such as brand building, cooperation and attraction, commercial realization, financing and incubation.

The monopoly profit model of traditional Internet companies will eventually be replaced by a decentralized model that embraces the ownership economy. Due to the transparency, fair incentive mechanism and decentralized governance mechanism of blockchain, Daren’s business model will benefit consumers, service providers, invitees and sharers together.

Current industry opportunities and pain points.

Opportunities for Web3 commerce

  • Web2 e-commerce revenues are shrinking and the cost of building a brand in Web2 is getting higher
  • Many brands seek Web3 transformation, many well-known brands have released their own NFTs
  • Web3 commerce solutions are insufficient, and a decentralized platform is needed to carry and meet the bilateral needs of consumption and supply

Web3 commerce and community collaboration is ineffective

  • Web3 users are mainly gathered in “community”, a typical “group living” characteristic
  • The web3 project/brand hopes to dock with the community to accumulate early seed users and complete cold start
  • The web3 community needs to send benefits to community members regularly to maintain community activity and cohesion
  • There is a lack of bridges in the market to help the business and the community connect efficiently

The development and use of stable coins

  • The increase of stablecoin payment scenarios, such as project side payroll, Web3 outsourcing, promotion, etc.
  • There is a great trust problem in stablecoin trading, and there is a lack of an intermediary platform to accept the guarantee of stablecoin trading
  • The lack of stablecoin consumption scenarios: the policy issues of each country on the exchange of stablecoin for fiat currency, and few direct consumption scenarios of stablecoin