Daren's Solutions

Business Assistance

  • Community profiling: Commercial entities analyze community characteristics through Daren to screen suitable communities
  • Community connection: Commercial entities can connect communities by setting up position linkage, profit sharing plans, etc.
  • Brand building: Commercial entities cast NFT with their brands and product features through Daren, connect with Web3 communities to jointly pry the market and enhance brand influence

Community Empowerment

  • Position-holding linkage: set up community exclusive NFT/tokens for members to enjoy discounts, group purchases and other benefits
  • Benefit distribution: The community can distribute benefits to members through NFT consumption coupons and other means
  • Brand co-construction: the community can gain revenue by participating in the co-construction of brands (e.g. twitter CX)

Fission growth

  • Transaction Mining: Incentivize user transactions through tokens, forming a positive cycle
  • Profit sharing plan: Stimulate users to actively share services and solve the pain point of attracting traffic in the early stage of store opening
  • Invitation rebate: social fission through token incentive

Decentralization mechanism

  • Decentralized order: the transaction process is chained to ensure the openness, transparency and security of transactions and solve the trust problem of stable coin payment
  • Arbitration mechanism: gradually explore and implement the construction and governance of DAO through arbitration
  • DAO mechanism: Become a DAO member through deep participation in the construction of the platform, collaborate in governance and enjoy the dividends