Daren's Core Benefits

Decentralized Order System

Daren uses blockchain’s smart contract technology to achieve decentralized trading and provide a minimalist trading experience, making it easier for users to use our products.

Decentralized transaction means the transaction process is on the chain. Daren’s transaction system is not managed by a centralized database, but is erected on an open and transparent blockchain, where the core aspects of each transaction can be inquired on the chain, making each transaction open, transparent and secure.

Collaboration and Governance of DAO

Unlike most artist-issued collectible NFTs, Daren provides centralized platform management rights and dividend rights to users by way of NFTs, making users holding NFTs the main participants and beneficiaries of the Daren NFT ecosystem and the Daren DAO. These NTFs not only have a collector value, but also include platform governance and earning power.

Governance: Users holding Judge NFTs can vote to arbitrate on disputed orders and receive a token reward (dispute processing fee) equivalent to 10% of the order amount by participating in arbitration.

Co-Building: Users who hold Monster NFT can upgrade by continuously participating in the construction of the platform (opening stores, trading, inviting users, etc.) and eventually become a member of Daren DAO and enjoy the treasury dividends.

Support for multiple public chains

In the cryptocurrency market, many users have cryptocurrency assets on multiple public chains, so Daren’s transaction process also supports stable coin payments on multiple public chains to provide maximum convenience for users.

The public chains currently supported by Daren include ETH, POLYGON and BSC, and we will expand to more public chains in the future.

NFT Equity Mechanism

The Daren platform has also developed a variety of NFT equity mechanisms. Stores can link with the community through NFT, set discounts on partners' NFT positions, and empower partners' users and the community together.

Trade to Earn

Although Daren will charge 2.5% transaction fee, each completed transaction will return part of the fee to both sides of the transaction in the form of DT.

Trading with Daren is one of the best ways to earn DT!

(The DT rebate rate is 15% of the transaction fee for the seller and 15% of the DT for the buyer)

Invite to Earn

Invite a friend to join Daren and get a permanent rebate: When an invited friend completes a transaction in Daren, the inviter will receive a DT rebate.

Although Daren Market charges a 2.5% commission, a portion of the commission is returned to the buyer and seller in the form of DT, so inviting a friend to trade with Daren is one of the best ways to earn DT!

(The percentage of DT refund is: the inviter of the buyer and seller receives 10% of the transaction fee in the form of DT bonus)

Share to Earn

Daren has been developing a decentralized trading platform and is committed to fully mobilizing consumers, service providers and sharers to achieve a win-win situation for all parties. The profit sharing plan is a powerful feature that allows you to easily earn income after sleep with a single finger!

Newly opened service providers will set the profit sharing ratio of their services/goods to 50% of the price at most in order to promote and attract traffic!

And you just need to share the link of the services participating in the profit sharing to your friends, and you will get the profit sharing reward after your friends' successful transactions, and your friends will also get the rebate.