Q1 2023

  1. Store independent release NFT function launch
  2. Daren NFT pledge and upgrade play launch
  3. Develop 100 web3 brands to be stationed (linkage to detonate the community, radiation ecological influence)
  4. DT buyback (20% of each quarterly profit is used to buy back the DT)

Q2 in 2023

  1. Official website 2.0 launch
  2. Trading open blind box mechanism launch
  3. Release Daren order system API

Q3, 2023

  1. Merchant refinement management backend launch
  2. Decentralized store launch
  3. DAO construction.

(1)Extend the dispute adjudication scenario: such as merchants for customers with bad reviews dispute

(2) merchant group chat: buy merchant partner NFT can join the merchant DAO

(3)Daren contract 3.0: profits hit DAO

Q4 2023

  1. Big data platform launch

(1) data reports: brands, merchants, commodities, user consumption behavior analysis, etc.

(2)Merchant empowerment: provide decision basis for sales strategy

(3) Traffic co-builder access support, channel analysis, etc.

  1. Co-builder platform launch

(Pre-platform, merchants are given co-constructors reward support)

  1. cooperation of offline stores (to empower them, brand exposure)